Parameter configuration and performance description:

1. Size: 457 * 338 * 254 mm

2 working water depth: 100M as standard

3. Self weight: 9-11kg

4. Cable: Standard 100m (can be extended to 400m)

5 lighting: two 1500lm high brightness underwater LED lights

6 camera: Sony 8 million pixel 1080p low illumination chip

7. Vertical propeller: 2 * 350W

8. Vertical thrust: 10kgf

9. Horizontal propeller: 4 * 350W, vector distribution

10. Horizontal thrust: 14kg in all directions

11 speed: 4 knots (2m / s)

12. Battery: 4S lipo, 17000mah

13 sonar options:

1) Mechanical scanning sonar, used for navigation and barrier.

2) Multibeam image sonar. For navigation, barrier, target recognition, underwater rescue, underwater detection

3) Other customer specified sonar

14. Executive standard: our company issues product quality inspection certificate.

Process characteristics:

1. Small body: small size, light and portable

2 high performance: flexible movement, in-situ translation, rotation, forward and backward, up and down

3. High thrust: Six 350W high-power underwater thrusters, suitable for various complex waters

4. Easy to maintain: easy to operate and maintain, and convenient to purchase spare parts

5 secondary development: multiple external cameras, sonar, manipulator, water quality sensor

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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