Redon  PSC30-40

The portable solar charging package can support the charging / power supply of Bluetooth headset, GPS, pad, computer, camera, mobile phone, satellite phone, MP3 / MP4 and other electronic products, and has different modes of lighting functions, and can also emergency start the vehicle and other traffic equipment. Charge the charger; the charger is inserted into the charging input port of the emergency power supply controller, and the other end is connected to the solar charging package. The product starts to charge, and the electric quantity indicator light flashes repeatedly, indicating that normal charging has started. Under 600W / irradiation for about 5 hours, the power is charged from 0 to 100%.

Technical parameters:

Solar charging package:

Maximum power: 30W, maximum ± 7%,

Charging type: flexible CIGS film;

Component peak voltage: 18V,

Module peak current: 1.3A;

Development size: 1044 * 514mm,

Folding size: 258 * 160 * 25MM;

Component thickness: 1.0mm,

Weight: 0.56kg;

Emergency power supply controller:

Size: 170 * 79 * 41mm;

USB output: 5v2.1a,

Charging mode: CC / CV 15v1a;

Starting current: 200A,

Peak current: 400A (3S);

Cycle life: 3000 times;

Starting output voltage of automobile and sailboat: 12V.

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