1. Helmet type installation: integrated design of the whole machine, supporting two ways of paste installation and guide rail installation

2. Equipment status visualization: 2.0-inch HD screen, real-time display of images and equipment parameters, equipment status visualization remarks: soldiers are not allowed to bring mobile phones when performing tasks, the screen is built-in safe and practical

3. Double layer encryption, security and stability: video encryption / system menu encryption (data can be viewed after authorization)

4. Super long endurance: the battery can be replaced, and the single battery can work continuously for 8 hours

5. Integrated infrared night vision function, photosensitive sensing, automatic opening of day / night mode

6. The system includes: strong light flashlight, IFF, laser indication

7. Conform to the national standard: support the national standard GB / t28181 protocol, and the image coding conforms to the national standard requirements of the command center

8. Perfect function: wireless 1080p transmission, satellite positioning, trunked intercom, maximum support 256gb (60 hours)

9. One key switch: it can be operated correctly with gloves, and the operation is simple

10. One key alarm: in case of an emergency, the soldier will send one key alarm to the command center, and the equipment will start the alarm encryption video

11. High and low temperature environment: - 30 ° - 55 °, protection grade: IP67, 1.5m free fall

12. Easy to carry: 92 * 60 * 44 (length, width and height) with battery less than 225 g

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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