Technical parameter

1. Name: 10m2 + 3.6m copper core

2. Specification: 3.6m copper core 1800A

3. Wire diameter: 10 mm

4. Square: 10 square

5. Weight: 2.3kg

6. Core material: copper core

7. Universal model: all truck off-road vehicle powered

2、 Fully enclosed handle does not leak electricity, plus insulation and environmental protection soft rubber protection, safety does not hurt hands;

3、 The clip is made of rare metal nickel with good conductivity, corrosion resistance and rust resistance;

4、 Thickened wire core, power on faster, thickened wire core, stable and easy to hit the current, conducting electricity without damaging the battery, one dozen is on, power on block;

5、 Environmental friendly soft rubber material, high temperature resistance in summer and severe cold resistance in winter, - 40 ℃ non breaking and constant hardness

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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