Technical parameter

Boundary dimension (length, width and height): (1950 * 600 * 1150) mm

Capacity: 2

Vehicle weight: 110kg (battery 38kg)

Load capacity: less than 400kg

Maximum speed: 45km / h, speed regulation in three gears

Endurance mileage: 60km-70km

Seats: integral sponge covered leather seats

Tire: 3.0-10 Chaoyang Risheng electric friction vacuum outer tire, wear-resistant and puncture resistant

Power transmission system: stepless speed regulation system

Drive system: rear axle drive

Brake system: front and rear high-end hydraulic oil disc brake

Body: steel frame, plus high-quality plastic shell

Mirrors: freely adjustable mirrors

Battery: 60V 20Ah (5 batteries) super power large capacity sealed dry battery without maintenance, weight 38kg

Motor: 800W full disc motor

Controller: 60v12 tube controller 800W, adopting leading sine wave technology

Charger: 60v20ah special charger, stable charging, high temperature resistance

Charging time: 5-6 hours

Lights and signals: headlamp, front and rear turn light, combined rear tail light, with anti-theft alarm

Warning light and warning device: the rear is equipped with high-end explosive flash pole lamp which can be lifted freely, and the pole lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy led super bright lamp bead; the front is equipped with high-end red and Blue Cross flashing explosive flash lamp; the self-contained three tone siren with shouting tape recording speaker.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Powered by: www.300.cn

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