Technical parameters:

The product is composed of hexagonal attack head cover, lighting unit, handle, battery, magnetic tail cover and lanyard. The grip part is made of aviation aluminum, and the light-emitting tube part is made of PC.

Mass: 421.5g

Size: 483.2mm in length, 31.5mm in outer diameter of light-emitting part

Working mode: there are four working modes: Red Blue slow flash, red blue fast flash, white light strong light and white light weak light.

Visible distance: under the condition of 10-4lux, red blue slow flash and red blue fast flash can be observed 500m away from the product. 

Working time: Red Blue slow flash mode 10h

Red blue flash mode 15h

White light mode: 5h

White light weak light mode: 10h

Executive standard: Q / rd39-2018 traffic baton

★ this product provides the test report issued by the test and test center of the Institute of weaponry and equipment of China weaponry and equipment group and the quality supervision and test center of special products of China weaponry and equipment.

★ Test No.: BJZ (2018) No. 0495

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Powered by: www.300.cn

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