Technical parameters:

Laptop host parameters:

1. Integrated design, simplified and optimized structure

2.1080p image acquisition, clearer video recording

3. I3 CPU chip, more powerful host performance

4.4.5kg brand new experience, lighter overall quality

5. Side interface design makes user experience more convenient

6. Suction drive, supporting multiple recording modes

7. SD / HD adjustable to meet different needs

8. Poe centralized power supply, simple assembly

9. Built in cartridge, highly integrated device

10. Portable temperature and humidity display, simple and convenient

11. Built in smart battery can be used as UPS

12. Display: 1 x 15.6 "TFT LCD, resolution up to 1366 * 768

13.CPU:Intel® Core? I3-3120me (2.4GHz) of the same level or above

14.USB:4x USB 2.0

15. Optical drive: 2x suction DVD ± RW

16. Interface: 1x VGA interface, 1 headset audio interface, 1 serial port

17. Network port: 1x 10 / 100 / 1000m adaptive Ethernet port; 4x 10 / 100 / 1000m adaptive Ethernet port with POE power supply

18. Input device: 88 key ultra thin keyboard, mouse touch pad

19. Power supply: 100 ~ 240VAC / 2A / 50 ~ 60Hz 19vdc

20. Weight: 4.5kg

21. HD network camera is selected for the camera, which can adjust the standard definition and HD modes of HD camera. The interior of the camera is also provided with a pickup to ensure the sound collection.

22. Resolution: 4CIF/ 720p / 1080p adjustable

23. Video compression standard: h.264/mpeg4/mjpeg

24. Memory card support: 4G SD card

25. Power supply: DC + 12V power interface, supporting Poe power supply

26. Lens configuration: focal length 2.8-8mm, CS interface, variable lens

27. Cartridge: built in

28. Pickup frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz

29. Pickup SNR: > = 62db

30. Pickup pointing characteristics: omnidirectional


1. It adopts the integrated structure design, the portable host integrates the network switching function, integrates 4 switching network ports, and supports Poe power supply.

2. Support the access of 720p / 1080p HD network camera; support the adjustment of standard definition and HD modes of HD camera, provide portable temperature and humidity probe, support the real-time display of temperature and humidity information, and use USB interface to insert and integrate. It can automatically and synchronously stack to video without special access settings, and the superimposed picture and position can be adjusted arbitrarily;

3. Support picture in picture composite coding, H.264 video coding format, 1080p / 720p / 4cif / CIF / QCIF coding resolution, and video frame rate no less than 25 frames / second;

4. Support G.711 audio coding format;

5. Support encryption of code stream during encoding to ensure information security during transmission and storage. The encrypted code stream can only be decoded correctly after passing the special player and password verification;

6. The device has the function of disc synchronous recording. The recorded disc has its own player, which can automatically run and play the video on the PC;

7. The system can select 2 recording modes, 1 recording mode and post recording mode for synchronous recording and recording.

8. Support the replacement of a new disc in the middle of recording a full disc, and the video in the new and old discs can be continuous and complete;

9. The recording status can be displayed on the client in real time. The recording status includes the remaining capacity of the disc, disc error information, etc;

10. Support the backup recording of the video in the host hard disk;

11. It has 4 USB2.0 interfaces for accessing mouse, U disk and mobile hard disk;

12. With audio input and output interfaces;

13. It has the function of video taping and supports the input of key marks. During the playing process, the player can quickly locate the corresponding recording time according to the key marks.

14. Seamless disc changing function. During the trial recording process, the trial disc changing function is supported, and the video of the front and back discs are not lost.

15. The system adopts suction DVD drive, supports synchronous recording of dual discs, recording encryption, and password verification when opening the disc.

16. The system is designed with a dual camera built-in omnidirectional pickup to ensure two-way sound acquisition. The dual camera can provide redundant protection for the built-in pickup. The built-in pickup adopts AGC automatic gain circuit and DSP noise reduction.

17. After the system is connected with the AC power supply, it will charge the battery pack. In case of an unexpected power failure, it can be used as the UPS power supply. The intelligent battery can display the charging state and the remaining power.

18. The system has integrated electronic record and file data management function, which can be realized without additional equipment installation of interrogation software.

19. The system supports data authority management based on business. Only interrogation related users can access data such as case, account and video;

20. The system can manage departments, users, roles, equipment, interrogation rooms, authorities, logs, etc;

21. It has the function of interrogation data management, which can manage the case information, suspect information, record information, video and audio information, and can fuzzy query the case information;

22. It supports the function of electronic record. The record information directly enters the database. Through the special network and with the help of identity verification, it can query and retrieve the file and record information at each command end. The user-defined template can be used to export word documents and print. The user-defined template is associated with the case type and interrogation type for the convenience of users. The electronic record supports common Q & A, which can be customized according to the case type and interrogation type;

23. Support key mark function, input key mark remarks, and synchronize key mark with electronic record and video data;

24. Support interrogation recording function, control interrogation host to record in real time, provide software recording module, and control server and client's recorder to record in real time and backup;

25. The system shall have the detection function of audio signal, with the audio waveform to dynamically display the sound recording status, and the loss of audio can generate an alarm;

26. The system can display the capacity and status of local hard disk in real time.

27. The system can adjust the position of picture in picture. The recording time of a single disc can be 3, 6 or 12 hours, and the video stream size can be adjusted automatically according to the time and picture quality.




Technical parameters:

Synchronous recording and video host, embedded motherboard design, high integration, using the current international advanced H.264 encoding and decoding algorithm, complete the digital video acquisition, storage, transmission of special video equipment. The recording and video equipment specially designed for the people's Procuratorate synchronous recording and video system can also be applied to the interrogation process of public security, fire control, political and legal organs and other systems, realizing the whole process synchronous recording and video, and realizing the functions of hard disk storage, multi disc recording and backup.

Main technical indicators:

1. Windows XP operating system, full Chinese interface;

2. Disc recording function, supporting 6-cd-rom drives, completing the real-time backup function of discs with different requirements;

3. Support the dynamic correspondence between the recorder and the room. A group of recorders can correspond to room 1, room 2, room 3, etc;

4. Support digital picture in picture synthesis, support 1 big 1 small picture, 1 big 2 small picture, 1 big 3 small picture synthesis;

5. Synchronous recording and recording (advanced inspection regulations), support user-defined recording, manual recording / monitoring, mobile trigger recording and external alarm recording;

6. Real time database storage management, multi-level operator management, operation log and alarm log management functions;

7. Multi work mode: video recording, playback, display, network, data query, parameter setting and other multi work operations;

8. Support real-time local or remote control of PTZ, lens and integrated fastball, preset point setting and linkage alarm;

9. Remote electronic map function;

10. It can be used with super large scale digital matrix system;

11. Hard disk backup: support USB device to transfer and backup video files, and backup by CD burning;

12. Multi level password encryption, authority management, connection authentication and other ways;

13. Alarm mode, no CD, hard disk full, audio and video loss alarm;

14. Playback mode: intelligent retrieval, fast forward / fast backward / fast play / slow play, multi-channel synchronous playback function.

Performance index:

1. Video compression: H.264 compression calculation, high compression ratio, good image quality, adjustable bitstream;

2. Audio compression: Ogg Vorbis;

3.4 channels of audio and video input or 2 channels of D1 resolution real-time coding;

4. Video standard: PAL system: 25 frames / Channel / S; NTSC system: 30 frames / Channel / S;

5. Video rate:32kbps-1000kbps(CIF);70kbps-4000kbps(4CIF); 

6.definition:PAL: 352*288(CIF)、704*288(2CIF)、528*384(DCIF)、704*576(4CIF);NTSC:352*240(CIF)、704*240(2CIF)、528*320(DCIF)、704*480(4CIF);

7. Video input: 1-16 channels, pal, NTSC system, composite video 1Vp-p / 75 Ω, BNC connector;

8. Playback mode: normal, fast and slow playback, paragraph playback and time selection playback;

9. Video display: it has VGA interface and can be connected with external computer display. Audio and video preview supports full screen, 1, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 10.16 split screen display image switching display function, with sequential switcher;

11. Network interface: 10 / 100Mbps Ethernet interface;

12. Serial port: used to connect decoder, picture in picture, synchronous environment monitor and other system equipment.

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