Technical parameters:

1. Power supply mode: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz, 2A

2. Display mode: 192 × 64 dot matrix LCD, displaying voltage, field strength and various status information in real time

3. Operation mode: panel direct operation

4. Interface type: RS232

5. Carrier type: hard disk, floppy disk, magnetic tape, magnetic card and other magnetic carriers

6. Cavity size: 114 × 29 × 315mm (width × height × depth)

7. Effective demagnetization area: 114 × 29 × 150 mm (w × h × d)

8. Degaussing voltage: more than 850V

9. Degaussing field strength: more than 8500gs

10. Degaussing time: 40-50 seconds

11. Weight: 20kg

12. Boundary dimension: metal case: 355 × 210 × 480mm (w × h × d)

13. Power supply mode: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz, 2A

14. The hard disk demagnetizer is commonly known as "magnetic carrier information erasing machine".

15. The hard disk degausser is an economic degausser, which can eliminate the information on various magnetic carriers, and is suitable for the office use of government agencies and enterprises.

16. The hard disk demagnetizer adopts 32-bit ARM processor to check and control key data such as "voltage, field strength" in real time, so as to ensure the reliable elimination of information on the magnetic carrier.

Main features:

1. Complete system architecture: This machine adopts LCD large screen, with its own keyboard, and directly connects with label printer to form a complete system. It can input user information independently without computer and upper computer software, and form a complete degaussing record with real-time degaussing information, which can be saved in the memory of the machine, and the sticker can be printed at any time through the label printer.

2. Precise voltage setting: the degaussing voltage of this machine is set by high-precision hardware circuit. The setting value is calibrated before delivery, with error less than 0.1% and fluctuation less than 0.05%.

3. Real time voltage detection: the charging voltage of the machine is sent to the arm processor through the voltage detection unit, which is displayed in real time during the charging process, so that the user can know the current charging situation in real time. When degaussing starts, ARM processor locks the degaussing voltage.

4. Real time field strength monitoring: This machine has built-in peak magnetic field detector (patent has been applied). When the degaussing magnetic field is generated, the field strength value of degaussing will be automatically captured, and the field strength value will be monitored by ARM processor.

5. Abnormal condition alarm: through demagnetization voltage set by hardware, demagnetization voltage locked by ARM processor and demagnetization field strength monitored by ARM processor, each demagnetization is accurate and reliable. In case of abnormal conditions: for example, the power supply voltage is lower than 190V, the components of charging and discharging circuit are aging and other factors, which make the demagnetization voltage not reach the set value or the demagnetization field strength is not enough, there will be an alarm display on the LCD interface.

6. Perfect safety protection: in case of sudden power failure during charging, the system will generate automatic discharge command. When the discharge control circuit breaks down, the back panel of the machine is equipped with a forced discharge button and an indicator light to remind you of manual forced discharge. The machine adopts metal case and internal shielding double pipe to prevent the leakage of magnetic field and ensure the safety of operators.

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