Gscan 5030

Basic parameters:

1. Boundary dimension: 1650 (L) x722 (W) x1150 (H) mm

2. Channel size: 500 (W) x 300 (H) mm

3. Pass rate: 960 / h

4. Drag weight: 150kg

5. Resolution: 0.0787mm diameter metal wire

6. Spatial resolution: horizontal diameter 1.0mm; vertical diameter 1.0mm

7. Penetration resolution: it can distinguish single solid copper wire with diameter of 0.101mm

8. Penetration: 48mm steel plate

9. Film safety: IS01600 film safety

10. Ray beam direction: bottom type

11. Tube current: 0.4—1.2mA (adjustable)

12. Tube voltage: 80kV (adjustable)

13. Leakage dose: 0.08 uGy/h

14. Beam divergence angle: 60 °

15. Cooling / working cycle: sealed oil cooling / 100

16. Working environment: - 20 ° C ~ 60 ° C / 20% ~ 95% (non condensing)

17. Noise: ≤ 47 dB

18. Working voltage: 220VAC (± 10%) 50 ± 3Hz

19. Power consumption: 0.5 KVA (0.5 kwh per hour)

Image processing parameters:

1. Array detector: L-type photodiode multi energy detector

2. Display: high resolution 19 inch LCD

3. Color: according to the material, 24 bit true color displays 12 bit depth

4. Edge enhancement: the edge of the object is clearer

5. Super image enhancement: clearer image details 

6. High wear display: improve the contrast of image bright area to make the easy wear area clearer

7. Low wear display: improve the contrast of the dark area of the image to make the hard to wear area clearer

8. Increase / decrease the brightness of the image

9. Pull / pull forward: the current 30 images can be pulled back and processed

10. Image restoration: the image display is restored to the original state  

11. Image storage: 500,000 images can be saved continuously and processed

12. Identification of dangerous goods; typical dangerous goods with auxiliary prompt

13. Goods configuration list: 1 display, 1 X-ray security inspection host, 1 keyboard, 1 mouse, 1 manual, 1 tool set, 1 Certificate:


1. * one key shutdown: when the machine is shut down, you only need to turn the key once, and the device will shut down automatically and safely, which is more user-friendly.

2. * emergency stop layered control: press the emergency stop button, only power off the transmission and ray source, which is safer.

3. * image super clear: the core component adopts high-density imported module, with higher resolution, reaching international level and clearer.

4. * waterproof function: special treatment in the passageway, no impact of a small amount of liquid scattered by passengers, more reassuring.

5. * magic mirror function: unique mouse magnifier function, any local detail amplification, more accurate.

6. * stepless sky eye amplification function: 128 level continuous stepless mouse amplification function, more continuous.

7. * magic button: instead of the traditional keyboard, when the mouse is placed on the soft button, the software will recognize and control intelligently, more intelligently.

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