Auto Prep 200

Parameter configuration and performance description:

Auto prep 200 full-automatic liquid sample processing workstation is a high degree of automation and unattended liquid sample processing workstation specially designed for the current situation of complicated operation, time-consuming and toxic in the preparation of large quantities of liquid samples in the laboratory. According to the demand, it can transfer, dilute, fix the volume and add the liquid sample. At the same time, it can be applied to the treatment of standard solution, such as the preparation of multi-component standard solution, the dilution of standard solution and the preparation of standard curve. It can be applied to the treatment of various liquid samples.

Main features:

1. There are various modes, including dilution mode, mixing mode, quantitative addition mode and separation mode. Different use methods can be edited according to the actual situation to meet the needs of sample processing;

2. Multiple sets of high-precision injection pumps are used, and the specification is optional from 100 μ l to 25ml;

3. With constant temperature function to meet the constant degree of preparation temperature and avoid the influence of ambient temperature on the sample;

4. The double pump function is adopted to avoid the error caused by different range to be used;

5. The whole machine is closed and non fume hood is placed to save space;

6. 8 solvent channels are optional, with a maximum of 200 sample grades, accurate positioning, meeting various preparation requirements;

7. It can be compatible with 2ml ~ 100ml conventional standard solution storage bottle and centrifuge tube, and can customize the tube rack according to the actual demand;

8. The sampling probe can be cleaned automatically to avoid residue. The sampling probe material can be selected to meet the requirements of organic sample preparation and inorganic sample processing;

9. It can be compatible with the head of the liquid transfer gun, which can be replaced automatically to avoid cross contamination;

10. Configure the whole process unattended, WiFi connection, special software control, including alarm function.

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