DNA extraction kit is a kit which can extract genomic DNA from samples. Benzyl chloride has the property of destroying the cell wall by benzylating the hydroxyl group in the cell wall containing cellulose and so on. This product takes advantage of this characteristic of benzyl chloride, after freezing and thawing the plant sample, the cell wall can be destroyed by pressing the plant sample on the wall of microtube several times with the tip of pipet tip. Compared with the traditional method, this method saves the tedious steps such as liquid nitrogen grinding, and is beneficial to the treatment of a large number of samples at one time. Moreover, the product has been improved, the heat treatment time is only 15 minutes, and the use of the product from the beginning of the experiment to the recovery of the aqueous phase is only 30 minutes. The obtained genomic DNA can be amplified by PCR and treated by restriction enzyme.

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