UFPA, 640x480, OLED single visual screen, can produce clear images in full black, rain, snow, smoke, fog and other situations, especially suitable for full black, border patrol, jungle search and rescue and other fields.

Thermal imaging can work continuously during the day and night, and has the ability to penetrate particles such as fog, smoke and dust. It can complete search, reconnaissance and other tasks at night.

1.v 640x480

2.v 50Hz real-time imaging, fast moving without drag shadow

3.v advanced blank free design and unique digital enhancement algorithm

4.v professional long focus germanium lens, 2x, 4x digital zoom 5.v white hot / black hot / Brown / iron red / Green / fluorescent colors

6. V video output interface

7. V battery replacement is convenient

8. V very low power consumption, can work continuously for a long time

9. V easy to operate buttons and digital menus

10. V level 6 brightness control, level 4 image enhancement (target can be found in extremely harsh environment)

11. V the system has high reliability, strong anti falling and anti-seismic ability

12. Image sensor: amorphous silicon uncooled focal plane arra

13. Lens: 75mm germanium lens with hard coating germanium metal manual focusing lens, coated with hard carbon and anti reflection coating

14. Magnification: 4 times

15. Digital zoom: 8-16x

16. Diopter: -4~+2

17. Wavelength range: 7-14um

18. Angle of view ((HXV): 8.3x6.2

19. Exit pupil distance: 52mm

19. Exit pupil distance: 52mm

20. Pupil diameter: 6mm

21. Detector: 640 * 480


22. Thermal sensitivity: ≦50mk(@25℃)

23. Detection distance: > 1800m, person (1.8m * 0.5m) > 1900 m object (2.3m * 2.3m)

24. Identification distance: > 460m, person (1.8m * 0.5m) > 500m, object (2.3m * 2.3m)

25. Battery Specification: 4 sets of 3V rechargeable lithium batteries

26. Working hours: 8 hours

27. Frame rate: 50Hz

28. Nonuniformity correction: adopt the technology of no blank

29. Image polarity: Black Hot / white hot / Brown / iron red / Green / fluorescent

30. Operating temperature: -40℃~+50℃

31. Storage temperature: -45℃~+85℃

32. Size: 316mm * 147mm * 88mm

33. Color: Black

34. Weight: 1.3KG

35. Cross dividing board: Yes

36. Adjustable binocular distance: Yes

37. Protection grade: IP65

38. Video output: Yes

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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