Technical parameters:

1. The detection mechanical watch shall not be less than 1200 mm

2. Detection electronic clock shall not be less than 400mm

3. The detection LCD electronic meter shall not be less than 400mm

4. No less than 100mm for cordless telephone detection

Product features:

This product meets the requirements of normal use efficiency of electronic products in complex electromagnetic environment, and can be used simultaneously with the frequency jammer in working state. It can detect electronic initiation device and mechanical timing initiation device hidden under various packaging covers. Electronic initiation device includes initiation device made of electronic watch, pager, interphone, mobile phone and various remote control devices. It can also be used as anti reconnaissance security technology equipment to detect electronic eavesdropping devices and hidden video devices. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, long detection distance, strong ability to penetrate the packaging cover, easy to carry and use, the probe and the host are a whole, no need to adjust after starting




Technical parameters:

The detector is used to detect the timing detonator (mechanical, electronic mechanical or electronic) and other electronic detonators in working state. It does not actively send out any signal and looks like an ordinary baton. The detector is compact and easy to carry. The personnel of law enforcement department and public security department can use the detector to search time explosives and suspicious objects in buildings and vehicles - time detonators and other electronic detonators, which just make up for the shortage of explosion detection experts in detecting hidden explosives.

ANKER-4Edesign and performance principle:

This product includes electronic mechanical detection device (H), electronic clock detection device (E), air conduction contact earphone, low noise amplifier, filter and microprocessor. The electromechanical detection device (H) and the electronic clock detection device (E) are respectively placed in the host. According to the different signal strength of the detected object, this product designs the electronic mechanical device (H gear): 15-40cm and electronic clock device (e gear): 1-5cm. The user can monitor the detection result through the headset.

ANKER-4E performance features:

Maximum detection distance (according to different signal strength)

1. Mechanical clock device: 20-100cm

2. Electromechanical device (H gear): 15-40cm

3. Electronic clock device (gear E): 1-5cm

4. Electronic remote control (h or E): 3 -- 10cm

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