Technical parameters:

Number of recorders that can be copied: 7

Support speed: 300MB / sec

Support formats: fat 12 / 16 / 32 / 64, exFAT, NTFS, HFS, HPFS, UEFI, XFS, GPT, Linux ext / 2 / 3 / 4, LVM, UFS, HPA

Display mode: 20 x 2 text LCD

Power supply voltage: AC 100-240V

Boundary dimension: 340x322x280mm

Working humidity: 15-90%

Safety certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

Product function:

1. Provide various modes of hard disk storage device to copy and backup, compare, debug and erase.

2. Provide two modes to erase the hard disk storage device, quick / full erase.

3. Quickly detect the read-write speed of the hard disk storage device and check whether it is damaged.

4. Detection of the transmission and writing speed of the single bluk in / out of the hard disk storage device at different data transmission sizes can quickly improve the production line capacity.

5. UHA provides customized function design and customer needs customized function.

6. Customized design of various hard disk storage devices for replication, with traffic light display status.

7. It supports copying various types of hard disk storage devices, SSD, sata1 / 2 / 3, IDE, and various types of hard disk storage devices.

8. UHA can support 3 hard disk devices to copy at the same time, and display the real copy time information.

9. Provide safe power-off to protect the hard disk device.

10. Provide the correct actual storage capacity of the hard disk storage device.

Product features:

It provides customized design and can accept customers' entrustment to customize the native instruction set of bluk in / out special customized SATA.

The maximum transmission speed of each HD interface is up to 18gb (byte) / min. it supports (synchronous / asynchronous) replication between different modules.

Provide humanized design to facilitate the maintenance of UHA, and the hard disk adapter card can be easily removed and replaced.

Provide work record, work order management and other records to make work management more efficient.

Through the mechanism of a-sata board to board, it can support up to 3 hard disks for synchronous replication.

Red and green lights are supported to display hard disk storage device signals such as replication progress.

Simple and convenient LCD display module, easy to use.

The professional technical team will update the firmware for you at any time.

Support SHA-256 bit data transmission verification, support image file storage and copy function.

Support all data format replication and provide the most rigorous bit to bit data matching mechanism.

It supports dozens of file formats to copy data quickly, greatly reducing copy time and increasing production capacity.

Nine modes of data erasure are fully supported, such as the DOD data erasure specification (DoD).

Quickly copy your PC hard disk to a large capacity hard disk. You can upgrade your hard disk space without refilling the operating system driver and other software.

Percentage copy: a good helper for hard disk data rescue. This function can be set to directly copy the block data, and copy and backup the bad track hard disk data.

Provide professional PC Windows graphic interface software, convenient and simple operation software, provide the most complete monitoring function.

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