Product overview

The day and night 4G observation system is a portable observation system which is suitable for rapid search / detection in a large range of complex environment, and realizes remote HD identification of targets. It integrates high-definition night vision camera, no red storm laser, laser rangefinder, 4G transmission and positioning module. It can clearly identify the targets 400 meters at night and 1000 meters away in the daytime, and can transmit the front-end collected video and location information to the command center in real time.

Product characteristics

1. Camera observation distance: 500 meters in the daytime to see the face or license plate, 1000 meters to find people or vehicles

See the face or license plate at 400m at night, and find the person or vehicle at 500m

2. Ranging function: 1.2km ranging function can be realized, which can be adjusted manually and automatically;

3. Laser night vision: turn the camera to black and white mode, and turn on the laser manually;

4. Zoom synchronous linkage: when the camera zooms, the system automatically controls the laser to zoom in or out synchronously to realize intelligent light compensation;

5. Laser fine adjustment: according to the actual needs, the laser intensity can be individually adjusted to achieve better observation effect. For example, the laser needs to be weakened when observing the license plate, and the laser needs to be strengthened when Perspecting the car glass;

6. High definition touch screen: 5-inch display supports touch control, with display resolution of 1920 * 1080;

7. Brightness adjustment: the display brightness can be adjusted according to the use environment;

8. Data storage: the system supports one key recording, one key photographing and local playback

9. Data export: tfcard supports hot plug, which is convenient and fast to export data

10. Using H.264 encoding and compression format, the image quality is high. In the effective range of the network, the smooth and high-quality image can be obtained;

11. Full HD video storage, full HD video transmission (according to different network conditions and settings), built-in 64gtf card storage

12. Support wireless network access platform, remote real-time video preview

13. Support 4G wireless network to transmit images with the highest resolution of 1080p (4G supports all Netcom)

14. Support group intercom between groups

15. Built in 6.8ah large capacity rechargeable lithium battery, which can work continuously for more than 10 hours, and the device has the function of power shortage alarm

16. Three prevention design: IP65;

System configuration list:

1 display control unit: integrated touch, key control, display, data storage, etc

1 host: built-in camera, laser, 4G module, ranging module, battery control module

1 set of battery: 24V / 21ah

1 charger

1 tripod: 395mm after folding

1 data line: waterproof joint

1 set of operation demonstration video disc

1 protection box: high strength protective belt with built-in sponge

Technical parameters:

1. Imaging device: 1 / 2.8 "progressive scan CMOS

2. Effective pixel: 2 million pixels

3. Video resolution: 1920 * 1080

4. Frame rate: support 25 / 30fps

5. Zoom: 60x optical, 20x digital

6. Horizontal angle of view: 33.4 ° - 1.1 ° (wide angle - telescope)

7. Day and night mode: IR-cut double filter automatic switching, color to black

8. Minimum illumination: Color: 0.01LUX; black and white: 0.001lux

9. Backlight compensation: support

10. Video compression: H.264, MJPEG

11. Zoom lens: exposure angle 1.5 ° - 60 °

12. Lens drive: step motor

13. Output power: 10W

14. Laser wavelength: 915nm ± 5nm

15. Measurement range: 3-1200m

16. Laser wavelength: 905nm

17. Angle measurement function: - 60-60 degrees

18. Error: 0.5m

19. Video compression: H.264

20. Transmission frame rate: 1-30 FPS

21. Resolution of returned Video: 1080p / 720p / VGA, which supports back-end software to adjust the resolution

22. Image format: 1920 * 1080 (double bitstream and double HD for image transmission)

23. Video system: adaptive

24. Local storage: built in SD card, capacity: 128G

25. Wireless protocol: support 4G (all network communication)

26. Power supply: 25.2v 6.8ah, 8 hours (slightly different according to the use environment)

27. Size: 240mm * 224mm * 92mm

28. Touch screen: support

29. LCD screen: 5-inch resolution 1920 * 1080 HD full view

30. Photographing: photographing, video recording and playback

31. Video recording: camera recording resolution: 1920 * 1080

32. Video / image playback: all video images support photographing, recording and H264 encoding storage

33. Standard storage: 32g (scalable)

34. Video output: RJ45

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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