Technical parameters:

1. Bulb type: Philips 150W mercury lamp

2. Host size: 293mm * 183mm * 164mm

3. Bulb life: ≥ 3500 hours

4. AC input: 110-220V DC input: 16.8v

5. Color temperature: 5700k-12000k

6. power supply: both AC and DC

7. Switch: there are two switches, one for AC control and one for DC control

8. Working time: 100 minutes

9. Output band: white CSS 630nm 590nm 570nm 555nm 530nm 510nm 490nm 450nm 410nm 365nm (12)

10. Filter setting: built in

11. Glasses: 3 pairs (orange, yellow, red)

12. Filter: 3 (orange, yellow, red)

13. Main engine housing: aluminum alloy

14. Weight of main engine: 4.3gk

15. Length of light conduit: 1.5m

16. Liquid conduit: 1

17.220v power line: 1

18. Main uses: search for potential fingerprints, footprints, fibers, shooting residues, body fluids, semen, saliva and other human tissue fluids; improve the photographic effect of finger print processed with fluorescent reagent; use for the light distribution of ultraviolet, fluorescence and color separation photography; document security identification under sunlight conditions (passport, license, license plate, etc.)




Main purpose:

1. General search for potential fingerprints, dust footprints, trace physical evidence, etc

2. It is used to excite the fluorescence of fiber, bone debris, seminal spot, shooting residue and other substances

3. It is used to improve the fluorescence of finger palmprint treated with powder or reagent

4. Light distribution for UV, fluorescence, color separation photography, etc

Product features:

1. Small size, light weight, simple operation, economical and practical

2. Reasonable structure design, good heat dissipation and low noise

3. Low power, high brightness and long service life of bulb

4. The output light has good monochromaticity and uniform spot

Technical indicators:

1. Bulb: imported 150W hxp short arc bulb, spectral range: 300nm ~ 700nm, color temperature: 6000K, service life: 3000h, light source brightness: stepless and adjustable

2. Filter: interference high temperature resistant coating filter, built-in 12 band white light / 365nm / 415nm / 450nm / CSS / 490nm / 510nm / 530nm / 555nm / 570nm / 590nm / 610nm

3. Light conduit: 10 mm diameter, 1.5 m long liquid light conduit

4. Lens: high purity quartz optical lens, with spot diameter of 56cm at 1m and high uniformity of spot

5. Main engine: aluminum alloy shell, length: 255mm, width: 220mm, height: 150mm (excluding handle), weight: 4kg

Main configuration:

One main machine, one optical conduit, one optical conduit bracket, one power cable, one pair of imported red, orange and yellow cut-off glasses, one red, orange and yellow filter, one aluminum alloy box

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