Technical parameters:

1. Rated voltage: AC220V

2. Rated frequency: 50Hz

3. Input power: 360W

4. Synchronous display of temperature and humidity

5. Noise: 42db (a)

6. Box size (mm): 1262 × 680 × 2145mm

7. Internal dimension (mm): 1160 × 585 × 1575mm

8. Effective volume: 1028l

9. Temperature range: 2-48 ℃ (adjustable)

10 intelligent temperature control system

11. Refrigerant consumption: R134a (382G)

12. Net weight: 258kg.

13. The product structure is vertical box. The main body is divided into four parts: electrical control system, refrigeration system, heating system display system.

14. The interior of the box is made of high-density polyurethane foam, which is light in weight and good in heat preservation.

15. Microcomputer temperature controller, digital display, with high and low temperature alarm, temperature sensor fault alarm and power-off alarm functions, to prevent accidents.

Accurate temperature sensing probe can automatically display the temperature and humidity inside the box, so as to observe the change of temperature and humidity inside the box at any time.

17. Adopt new air duct design, high-speed steel fan, thick wall quick cooling copper tube, high temperature accuracy.

18. The refrigeration system is reasonable, and forced air circulation is adopted to ensure that there is no dead angle at constant temperature in the box. The cooling speed is fast, and the set temperature can meet the set temperature requirements in a short time.

19. Use double-layer high-strength toughened glass, good heat preservation effect, high transparency, easy to observe the items stored in the box at any time.

20. Adopt Cisco compressor, with balanced operation, low noise and long service life.

21. The box body is made of high-quality color coated plate. With advanced anti-corrosion spraying process, the surface color is soft, and the internal partition layer can be arbitrarily widened and shrunk, so as to facilitate the storage of different items.

22. The interior of the box is equipped with lighting facilities to facilitate the observation of stored items at night.

23. Safe double door lock design, realize double person and double tube, prevent opening at will.

24. At the bottom of the box, the high-quality caster with the capacity 2 times more than that of the common universal wheel is selected, and the foot stop is convenient to use.

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