It can fix all kinds of standard and non standard light long and short guns and shoot through wireless remote control shooting device.

Functional features: the gripper adopts self-adaptive design, can find the center by itself, can adjust the up and down angle of the gun, and can hold a variety of long and short guns of different sizes in various forms and non forms. The gripper adopts the latest arc grabbing mechanism design, loading and unloading a gun time ≤ 2 minutes, easy to use and adjust.

The reasonable shape of the stainless steel protective cover can prevent the explosion of the gun and eliminate the hidden danger of accidents in the inspection of dangerous guns. The remote control device adopts AC and DC dual-purpose power supply, wireless remote control firing (the reliability of imported brand motor is increased by 10 times), automatic reset, automatic shutdown and audible and visual alarm after firing. The movable remote control firing device has the advantages of simple fixation, wide adjustment range, and can adapt to different positions of trigger of various guns. A table top equipped with a recoil buffer device (adjustable buffer force, suitable for guns with different recoil forces) can reduce the impact force and improve the stability of the gun rack.

Technical parameters:

1. Maximum opening distance of gripper: 100mm

2. Adjustment distance of front and rear retainers: 500mm

3. Clamping force: ≥ 40K

4. Adjustment angle of long gun: 0-200

5. Pistol adjustment angle: - 15 ° - 35 °

6. Stroke: 10-20mm

7. Strike force: ≥ 5kg

8. Effective distance of wireless remote control: ≥ 100m (open area)

9. Table height: 700mm

10. Equipment weight: about 86kg

11. Analog circuit control

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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