Parameter configuration and performance description:

Oral cell collection card (set card: including collection swab)

Specification: 50 persons / box

Product introduction:

Oral cell collection card is a new kind of medium which uses plant fiber as carrier to store DNA. It is specially designed for collection, transportation and storage of various biological fluids including saliva and cell culture fluids at room temperature. Through the unique formula and production process, when the samples containing biological fluid contact the oral cell collection card, the color of the collection card changes from pink to white, indicating the presence of biological samples, which is convenient for subsequent drilling and PCR amplification.

Product features:

1. Color indication is sensitive and durable. The color of biological fluid, including saliva, changes from pink to white rapidly after contacting the oral cell collection card, so as to ensure that the location of oral cells can be determined quickly after subsequent sample collection.

2. Safer and faster DNA collection style, to ensure that the materials do not contain DNase and expandable human DNA.

3. Avoid the damage to the sampled person in the process of blood collection, and reduce the resistance of the sampled person.

4. The sampling personnel are safer and avoid the possible virus pollution to the sampling personnel.

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