Technical parameters:

1. Maximum speed: 16500r / min

2. Maximum relative centrifugal force: 23669-215; G

3. Speed accuracy: &ා177; 30R / min

4. Timing range: 1min ~ 99min, whole machine noise: < 65dB (a)

5. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz 10A

6. Overall dimension: 330 &

7. Outer package size: 430 & (520 & (390mm) (L & (215; W & (215; H))

8. Weight: 20kg

Technical performance microcomputer control, DC brushless motor drive, stable operation, low noise, high speed accuracy, touch panel, programmable operation, host operation parameters can be automatically stored according to the demand, digital screen or LCD display, user-friendly interface, simple and convenient operation, real-time RPM / RCF reading conversion and setting, convenient and fast, equipped with electronic door lock, with door cover protection , overspeed and other protection functions to ensure the safe operation of the instrument. There are 9 program speed up / down curves, and the speed up / down time can be set as required. Adopt edible grade silicone rubber integral seal ring

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