Parameter configuration and performance description:

1. There are upper and lower storerooms in the forensic disinfection cabinet. It can be sterilized by ozone, ultraviolet and high temperature, completely and thoroughly kill E.coli, hepatitis A virus, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria, so as to ensure that the sterilized forensic equipment is sterile, non-toxic, safe and reliable.

2. The upper chamber is equipped with an ozone generator and two 20W short wave ultraviolet lamps. Ozone and ultraviolet light disinfect the instruments in the chamber at the same time. The glass of the upper door is attached with an anti UV film to ensure no UV leakage. The door is also equipped with a door control switch. If the upper door is opened, the UV lamp and ozone generator will stop working to prevent the UV and ozone leakage from harming the human body.

There are two 250W heating pipes in the lower chamber, which can heat the temperature in the chamber to 125 ℃ and keep it constant, and sterilize the instruments in the chamber at high temperature.

3. Total power: 600W

4. Voltage: AC220V

5. Ozone generator power: 20W 245

6. UV lamp power: 2 × 20W

7. Quartz heating tube power: 2 × 250W

8. Overall dimension: 79cm (height) × 43cm (width) × 36cm (thickness)

9. Upper bin size: 23cm (height) × 38cm (width) × 29cm (thickness)

10. Lower bin size: 39cm (height) × 38cm (width) × 30cm (thickness)

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