Parameter configuration and performance description:

The product includes 37 tools (including aluminum alloy box), which can extract the fingerprint of relevant personnel on site, conduct on-site mapping, extract and protect trace evidences.

1. Mass: 4.99kg

2. Size: 340.0mm x 280.0mm x 165.0mm

3. The products include: 1 round gerbil brush, 1 flat gerbil brush, 1 large-scale magnetic fingerprint brush, 1 gold powder bottle, 1 silver powder bottle, 1 black magnetic powder bottle, 1 ear ball, 1 fingerprint tape roll, 1 palm tape roll, 30 black fingerprint substrates, 30 white fingerprint substrates, 1 502 adhesive bottle, 10 qualitative filter papers, 1 fingerprint printing box, 1 rechargeable white light flashlight,

1 magnifying glass, 1 sharp nose pliers, 1 sharp nose tweezers, 1 pair of scissors, 1 set of combined screwdrivers, 1 5m tape measure, 1 test pencil, 1 small compass, 3 red, yellow and white chalk, 1 on-site record book, 1 signing pen, 1 marking pen, 1 pencil, 1 pencil knife, 1 rubber, 2 scales, 2 physical evidence labels, 5 small evidence bags, 1 towel, 2 pairs of sweat cloth gloves, 1 There are 5 secondary masks and 1 aluminum alloy box.

Provide the test reports of the test and test center of the Research Institute of weaponry and special products quality supervision and test center of China weaponry and equipment group. Test No.: BJZ (2018) No. 0524

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