Product introduction:

Material: the cylinder is made of high quality carbon steel by special process. The series of fire extinguishers have the advantages of simple structure, flexible operation and convenient use.

The structure and composition of fire extinguisher: the fire extinguisher mainly consists of cylinder assembly, nozzle assembly and nozzle assembly. The extinguishing agent is water film forming foam premixed liquid, driving gas is nitrogen, and its working pressure is 1.2MPa at normal temperature.

Main performance features:

1. The series of fire extinguishers have the characteristics of high efficiency and fast extinguishing. The fire extinguishing agent contained in the series has the advantages of stable performance, non-toxic, pollution-free and convenient storage.

2. The driving gas used is non-toxic, tasteless, and harmless to human body after spraying.

3. The fire extinguisher bottle head valve is equipped with a pressure gauge, which can display the internal pressure and is convenient for inspection and maintenance.

Scope of use:

1. It is suitable for extinguishing the initial fire of flammable solid or liquid, but not the fire of electrified equipment. It is widely used in oil fields, oil depots, ships, factories, shops and other places. It is a fire-fighting equipment to prevent fire and protect people's life and property.

2. The operating temperature range is + 5 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃.

3. Weight of extinguishing agent: 0.15kg

4. Effective spraying time: ≥ 15s

5. Effective spraying distance: ≥ 3.0m

6. Injection delay time: ≤ 5S

7. Foaming multiple: ≥ 5

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