Technical parameters:

1. Meet the ga44-2004 standard.

2. Prevent the impact of sharp objects, corrosion, thermal radiation and insulation.

3. It can be equipped with belt type explosion-proof side lamp, and the cape can be loaded and unloaded.

4. The shell is impact proof and puncture proof, with damping structure such as buffer net and cap hoop inside, which can meet the personalized needs of customers. Greatly reduce the external impact on the head in all directions.

5. The whole helmet has a strong high temperature resistance, and the shell of helmet has a temperature resistance of 260 ℃.

6. The main body is yellow and red.

7. The shell is made of reinforced plastic, which is more resistant to aging, higher strength and stronger impact resistance.

8. The inner lining knob design can easily adjust the size of the helmet to fit different headwear.

9. Maximum impact force: 3525n

10. Shell mass: 1300g

11. The deformation and sagging along the back edge of the cap shell is 3.2mm

12. Deformation and sagging of the visor: 2.4mm

13. Deformation and sagging of both sides of cap shell: 4.6mm

14. Extension length: 7.8mm

15. Deformation after unloading: 6.2mm

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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