Police 12 ㎡ cotton tent

Parameter configuration and performance description:

1. The tent is a house type structure. The tent covers an area of 12 ㎡.

2. The tent surface cloth is made of 600D police Blue Oxford cloth, which has excellent tensile, tearing, aging resistance, rain resistance and other properties. The insulation layer adopts 3mm needled felt, the lining adopts 150D white Oxford cloth, and the service life can reach more than 3 years. The frame adopts Φ 25 × 1.2 high frequency welded steel pipe. It can withstand 6-level wind and 8-level gust, with one door and five windows for ventilation, and a heating chimney in the back gable, greatly improving the living conditions in the canopy.

3. Police 12 ㎡ cotton tent (canopy)

4 quantity: 1 piece mass: 54kg volume: 950 × 550 × 500mm

5. Police 12 ㎡ cotton tent (awning)

6 quantity: 1 set mass: 34kg volume: 1850 × 200 × 200mm

7. Total weight: 88kg, total volume: 0.34m3

8. Executive standard: meet the requirements of GA 1052.4-2013 12m2 cotton tent, GA 1052.4-2013 24 M2 cotton tent or GA 1052.4-2013 60 M2 cotton tent, and provide the national textile product quality supervision and inspection center.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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