Parameter configuration and performance description:

1. Head cover: elastic and elastic

2 sealing form: semi sealing

3. Zipper: watertight zipper

4. Cloth thickness: 0.40mm

5 material of cloth: double coated PVC

6 chemical resistant gloves: natural rubber

7 chemical proof rubber boots: single steel type

8. Reference weight: 4.13kg

9. Respirator configuration: external

10. Executive standard: GB 24540-2009 protective clothing, acid and alkali chemical protective clothing, providing the inspection report issued by the national labor protection products quality supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing).

Workmanship and materials:

Haigu hg-1wp semi closed class I light chemical protective clothing, which conforms to the ergonomic design, has a structure conducive to the safety and health of the wearer, does not affect the normal physiological requirements of the human body, and is comfortable to wear; one-piece, hood, gloves, chemical protective boots, chest access, watertight zipper, front protection, Velcro fastener adhesion, double protective layer, to ensure the chemical liquid does not penetrate 。 Neckline, cuffs and trouser legs shall be tight to prevent acid and alkali intrusion. The gloves, rubber boots and clothing are firmly connected. The cuffs and trouser legs are connected by ring components to facilitate the removal and replacement of gloves and chemical boots.

It can be used with respiratory protection devices such as air respirator, full face mask, half face mask, etc.; special protective fabric, double-sided chemical protection, especially for chemical acid and alkali substances, has better protective effect. All the joints of the protective clothing adopt the advanced heat sealing technology to make the joints achieve high water tightness and ensure that the acid and alkali chemicals do not penetrate. The whole set of clothing can directly protect the skin and human body from the harm of toxic and harmful chemicals, such as liquid, solid and dust.

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