Technical parameters:

1. Material: TPR + PC frame, PC lens

2. Configuration: each set includes transparent / smoke grey / night vision yellow and other three-color lenses, with camouflage EVA box.

★ 3. Appearance features: with the reference point as the center, there are no internal defects such as Huoguang and helix that affect the vision in the 30mm diameter area. The lens surface is bright and clean, the perspective is clear, and the surface is free of orange peel and mildew.

★ 4. Lens transmittance: transparent color 90.7%; smoke gray 82.0%; night vision yellow 10.5%.

★ 5. Impact resistance: use 22mm diameter and 45g weight steel ball to drop the impact lens freely from 1.3m height without fragmentation.

6. Color: frame available in black, green, ACU, sand.


1 - provide the best anti Dan effect and wide field of vision. The perfect facial mask and helmet can make it the ultimate goggle.

2-streamline design, can be used with helmets, and the designated goggles of the world's elite forces. The anti fog performance is excellent, that is to say, the mouth is not foggy.

3-3mm thick optical grade polycarbonate lens protects your eyes from debris and 100% UV protection.

4 - the top and side vents shall be ventilated to prevent fine particles. High performance coating provides superior anti hanging and anti friction treatment. Interchangeable lenses are suitable for all kinds of light conditions transparent, black lenses, high contrast yellow. Light weight design is only 4 ounces, made of soft materials, fully pasted and facial. Advanced design in line with all kinds of helmets, sight glasses, telescopes, night vision systems.

★ the product provides the inspection report issued by the national security alarm system product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai) security alarm system product quality supervision and inspection test center of the Ministry of public security in 2016.

★ Test No.: public Shanghai Inspection 167924

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