Technical parameters:

Gas mask is a kind of personal respiratory protective equipment with filter single eye window, which can effectively protect the wearer's face, eyes and respiratory tract from the harm of toxic agents, biological warfare agents and radioactive dust. It can be used by people in different fields such as industry, agriculture, medical team and scientific research. It can also be used by the military, police and civil defense.

Protection against nuclear radiation, biological and chemical gases

The mask is made of natural rubber by injection. It has a frosted surface and a closed frame with reverse folding edge. It is comfortable to wear and easy to air tight. It can meet the needs of more than 95% of adult citizens. The five headbands of the mask can be adjusted at will and can be tightened properly. The lens of the mask is provided with a water blocking cover structure, which can ensure the good performance of the lens when the mask is in use. The large eye window of the mask is made of polycarbonate, with wide vision, good optics and impact resistance. The mask is also equipped with a talker. The talker has clear transmission and small transmission loss. The mask can select different types of canister according to the protection object.

Technical specifications:

1. Antivirus time: the same as the performance of the selected tank

2. Expiratory resistance: ≤ 98pa (30L / min)

3. Field of vision: total field of vision: ≥ 75%

Binocular field of vision: ≥ 60%

Lower field of vision: ≥ 40 degrees

4. Oil mist transmittance ≤ 0.0005%

5. Air leakage coefficient of the mask: ≤ 0.0005%

6. Storage life: under the specified conditions, the storage life of the mask canister is 5 years.




Technical parameters:

1. Panel material: Polycarbonate

2. Face mask gel material: medical grade silica gel

3. Mouth and nose mask gel material; food grade silica gel

4. Antivirus time: the same as the performance of the selected canister

5. Applicable environment: suitable for places that are harmful to respiratory system but not to life and health immediately

6. Protection scope: dust, heavy smoke, fog drop, toxic gas, toxic vapor and small substances invisible to the naked eye

7. Inspiratory resistance: 33pa, expiratory resistance: 75pa

8. Interface: small poison filtering tank and air pipe conforming to en148-1 and supporting rd40 thread interface

9. Weight: 520g (excluding poison filter)

10. Total field of vision: ≥ 87%

11. Binocular vision: ≥ 68%

12. Lower field of vision: 35 degrees

13. Transmittance of mask lens: ≥ 90%

14. Leakage rate of close type mask: ≤ 0.02%

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