Parameter configuration and performance description:

1 color: navy blue and army green

2 explosion proof plate: Armored Steel Sheet

3. Technical index: Enclosure: momexiii

3. Internal filling: du-pont Kevlar 129ht multi-layer composite spine, neck, anti explosion parameters of clothing, 600m / S (without armor plate)

4 clothing importance: about 26kg (with steel protective plate) about 15kg (without steel protective plate)

5. Armor plate: 1400m / S (guard, chest, neck)

6 power supply: 12V battery;

7 charging time: it can be charged to 90% of the total power within 15 minutes

8. Helmet weight: 4.7kg

9 Helmet Mask: 740m / S (bullet proof composite material)

10 communication system: wired communication interphone

11. Cooling fan: 200 L / min, three speed adjustable

12 outer material: fireproof cotton

13. Executive standard: our company issues product quality inspection certificate.

Workmanship and materials:

MK5 explosive suit is a new type of product with the most advanced technology. The new product developed on the basis of MK-4 has been used in many countries and regions across the country. At present, it has the highest level of anti explosive in all explosive suit series, and provides maximum comfort and flexibility for users. The anti explosion grade and the material used in the clothing have passed all the quality assurance standards of the relevant government departments. Mk-5 components: 1 collar top, 1 spine protection plate, 3 neck protection plate, 4 chest protection plate, 5 transportation packaging bag, 6 pants, 7 visors, fan cooled aluminum helmet and portable case, 8 web protection helmet, glass GRP material for the outer layer, built-in microphone and headphone surround sound equipment, cooling fan front lighting, rechargeable flashlight, explosion-resistant and hard acrylic acid / polycarbonate material. The strap is made of strong elastic resistant nylon material. Anti explosion inner layer of coat and trousers: made of multi-layer waterproof Kevlar 129 HT material to enhance protection.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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