Gun rope

Technical parameters:

1. Material: inner Kevlar outer Pu

2. Applicable gun type: Universal

3. Color; black




Self shrinking gun class

Technical parameters:

Gun class is the necessary police equipment required in the regulations on the administration and use of guns for public service of public security organs. It can effectively prevent the loss and theft of guns. This kind of free retractable pistol class avoids the inconvenience that the old class has to be rewound every time it is used or hung directly on the waist. The free expansion gun consists of junction box, belt snap ring and hook.

1. The gun mesh pull box is equipped with a pull wire made of multiple strands of stainless steel wire and the outer surface of the pull wire is covered with wear-resistant engineering materials, with good flexibility and strong tensile resistance.

2. The belt snap ring is made of stainless steel, solid and durable.

3. The hook made of spring steel has high strength and can bear more than 25kg tension.

Instructions: clip the belt snap ring on the belt, and connect the hook with the hanging ring on the gun handle. According to different shooting postures, the steel wire rope of the gun class can stretch freely, with a maximum length of 1m, and the personnel below 1.95M can complete various postures and tactical actions. After the gun is installed into the holster, the pull wire automatically shrinks and retreats into the gun outline box

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