Technical parameters:

1. Screw type metal foot cuffs, the key is mutual open type.

2. The outer surface of the metal shackles is smooth, free from defects such as edges and burrs, and the connection parts are smooth. The paint film is uniform without blistering and falling off. The left and right shackles of the metal shackles have the same shape without obvious bending.

3. Weight: 2.16kg

4. Screw type, H: 85mm, B: 90mm

5. Flexibility: the key can be naturally inserted into the lock cylinder of the metal shackle, which can be inserted and inserted smoothly, and can be opened and locked flexibly, and the connection parts can rotate flexibly.

6. The locking fasteners of metal shackles shall be opened with special tools. The film adhesion of painted parts shall not be less than grade 4, and the working time of anti pulling shall not be less than 2min;

7. Horizontal and vertical static tension test of Shackles: on the same piece of metal shackles, apply 2500n vertical static tension and 2500n horizontal static tension respectively when the tongue spring type metal shackles are locked for 30s, during which the metal shackles are not opened, and there is no permanent deformation or crack after the test.

8. Durability: the working times of metal shackles shall not be less than 3000 cycles.

9, corrosion resistance: metal shackles corrosion resistance rating is: Level 7 (spray period is 8H)

★ the product provides the inspection report issued by the national security alarm system product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing) safety and police electronic product quality inspection center of the Ministry of public security in 2016. Executive standard: GA / t237-2005 metal shackles.

★ Test No.: gJj No. 1630574.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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