Technical parameter:

1. The main body of the integrated long baton is made of glass fiber reinforced polymer material.

2. The surface of the long baton is smooth, without obvious defects such as pits, protrusions, bubbles, burrs, sharp corners, scratches, rust and peeling. The grip end has anti-skid structure, and the metal parts are treated with anti-corrosion treatment.

3. The whole baton is black.

4. The total length of the long baton is 1.6m, and the outside diameter of the baton is ф 30.00mm.

5. Weight: 1.06kg

6、 Long baton can be bent under the action of external force, and there is no crack or fracture when the angle between two ends is 120 °. One end of long baton is subject to the external force perpendicular to the baton body, and the residual deformation after natural recovery is: 19mm. The long baton has no crack or fracture after continuous fighting for 2000 times. The long baton is flame retardant, and the flame retardant time on the surface of the baton body is ≤ 5S.

7. The product is tested by the quality supervision and Inspection Center for special police equipment of the Ministry of public security, and the executive standard is ga1124-2013 long baton. Test No.: GPJ (Commission) No. 1650345.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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