Type 64 quick draw holster

1. Material: military Nylon + high strength ABS

2. Weight: About 400g

3. Features: anti pulling and anti seizing, special military nylon material, ensure the safety of police equipment in the process of duty, with lock, duty personnel in the process of using more convenient and faster plugging guns. The shape of the holster is a full engineering plastic structure, the whole gun body is coordinated, and can withstand extrusion and impact; it has strong firmness, novel appearance, portability and flexibility, fast exit speed, simple and convenient operation, strong concealment, and is suitable for the use of plain clothes, criminal police, special police, etc. It is quick and flexible to use. When using, you only need to press the locking device with your index finger to get out the gun quickly. The holster has the Vientiane angle adjustment function. According to the user's different usage habits, the angle between the holster and the back plate is adjusted by using the 4mm Allen wrench provided by the back plate of the holster.




Technical parameters:

Function and application: the holster is developed in combination with the operational requirements of the military and police. It is suitable for wearing the 92 type pistol. It can assist the wearer to feed and load the ammunition quickly and improve the emergency response speed. The holster realizes the action of unlocking and loading, simplifies the traditional five step action of gun (unlocking, lifting the holster, pulling the holster, loading the holster, pointing, aiming and firing) into two action links of "holding the gun, pressing down, pulling out the gun and firing", which not only shortens the time of shooting preparation, but also facilitates one hand operation, improves the emergency response speed in action, and complements the domestic tactics A blank in the equipment guarantee. The holster adopts modular combination concept design, parts system matching, general matching and interchangeability, and the combination of pendant and left holster, which solves the practical problem of no left holster in China.

Technical indicators:

1. Material: Toughened engineering plastics

2. Production process: injection molding

3. Color: Black

4. Shape: follow the shape of gun body

5. Adjustable angle of accessory hanger and double magazine connecting plate: 360 ° free adjustment, 22.5 ° / gear.

6. Yield tensile strength: 50MPa

7. Bending strength: 54mpa

8. Safety performance: it can effectively fix the gun body and prevent the gun from slipping and losing or being stolen easily.

9. Physical properties: it has low temperature toughness, high temperature aging resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance.




Technical parameters:

1. Applicable gun type: 92

2. Color: Black

3. Size: 200 * 160mm

4. Material: military reinforced nylon (pa6f30), elastic fixed webbing, nylon buckle, nylon webbing.

5. Features: high temperature 130 ℃, low temperature - 55 ℃, no deformation, no damage under 150kg pressure, can be repeatedly used for more than 10000 times, and the holster and back plate can rotate 360 degrees.




Technical parameters:

1. Main material: military reinforced nylon (pa6f30)

2. Materials of accessories: elastic fixing belt, nylon buckle and webbing

3. Applicable temperature (air temperature): - 40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

4. Impact resistance: pressure 150kg

5. Corrosion resistance: acid and alkaline

6. Fast switching system:

Features: through this system, the holster and accessories can be released and locked quickly to realize switching between different fixtures.

MOLLE board needs to occupy 3 rows and 4 columns of MOLLE bar space. The barb on the board will hook the MOLLE strip so that the MOLLE board is firmly fixed on the MOLLE strip.

The waist plate can be installed on the belt with a width of less than 5.5cm, and the holster and other accessories can be installed

The leg plate can be installed with different types of holster, which is stable without falling off

To disassemble, it is necessary to press the outer teeth inward to pull out the base plate. With the conversion board, it can be used on different fixtures and mounting boards.

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