Type 79 Tactical Guide

Technical parameters:

1. Material: aviation aluminum alloy 6061-T6

2. Color: Black

3. Oxidation level: hard oxidation

4. Weight: 448G

5. Boundary dimension: 290 * 56 * 54mm



RD-88DG type (right angle type)

Technical parameters:

1. Material: aviation aluminum alloy 6061-T6

2. Color: Black

3. Oxidation level: hard oxidation

4. Weight: 195g

5. Boundary dimension: 164.2 * 48.4 * 31mm



RD-DGXT95 type (three in one)

Technical parameters:

The gun tactical combination guide rail is a product that integrates the tactical glare lamp, laser red point aiming indicator, laser infrared night vision aiming indicator and gun holographic aiming lens into a whole. It can be mounted on 79, 81, 95 and other automatic rifles. Characteristic:

Three in one:

Visible laser, invisible infrared laser and high-intensity flashlight are integrated into one, small in size, light in weight and convenient to carry. When the gun is installed and used, the three functions can work at the same time or independently

It's simple.

Day and night use:

It can be used in the evening or rainy days. When it is used at night, it can be seen that the laser can carry out rapid and accurate strike, and it also has the function of deterring the other side.

Invisible infrared laser, when both sides are invisible at night, the white aiming point of the other side and invisible laser can be clearly seen by wearing night vision instrument, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate concealed attack on the enemy. The strong light flashlight has the function of illumination. At the same time, when in close contact, it can suddenly turn on the strong light to irradiate the other party, blinding the other party's eyes instantly and winning the opportunity to subdue the other party.


Shooting aiming: fast aiming speed and high accuracy.

Transmitting signal: Night contact, disaster relief, vehicle command, etc.

Blinding and lighting by strong light.

The product can be used with many kinds of guns, such as 79, 81, 95 and so on.

The products are suitable for armed police, special police and PLA.

Three combination

1. Laser wavelength: visible laser 635 ± 5nm, infrared laser 835 ± 5nm

2. Light spot size: visible laser at 100m ≤ 100mm, infrared laser ≤ 100mm

3. Use distance: 100M for visible laser and infrared laser, 25m for tactical lamp

4. Shooting accuracy: 100M R50 < 50 R100 < 95

5. Adjustment range: ± 2.5 °

6. Click value: 0.58l (mm) l is the target distance, unit: M

7. Working time: not less than 3 hours for all continuous work

8. Waterproof: water depth 1m, soaking for 2 hours

9. Power supply: rechargeable lithium battery, 2 batteries, lir17335

10. Ambient temperature: - 20 ° - + 50 ℃

11. Total weight: ≤ 448G (including battery)

12. Overall dimension: 105 × 66 × 65mm (L × w × h)

Holographic Sight 

1. Three layer sandwich lens: it can be operated after the lens is polluted or damaged, anti scratch / anti light

2. Laser projection red dot: 100% parallax free lens

3. Lens multiple: 1X, no eye distance limit

4. Size: 131x49x60mm

5. Weight: 326g

6. Waterproof / antifogging: 10M

7. Adjustment degree of red dot: 1.2cm per grid (when aiming at 100m target

8. Visual width: 28m (within 10cm eye distance)

9. Battery: AA battery x 2, continuous lighting for 70 hours

10. Automatic power saving and power-off device: with low power indicator

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