Technical parameter:

1. Applied Technology: Raman spectrum analysis technology

2. Laser output power: 0 ~ 350MW adjustable

3. Cold start time: no more than 60 seconds

4. Types of detectable substances: heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine (ice), ketamine (k powder) and other drugs; ephedrine, acetone, sulfuric acid, ether, toluene and other precursor chemicals; TNT, RDX (RDX), TATP (liquid explosive) ammonium nitrate and other explosives; alcohol, gasoline, hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid and other dangerous liquids; mustard gas, sarin, VX and other chemical warfare agents Poisonous liquid such as dichlorvos and Omethoate; jewels and Jadeites such as diamonds, agates and Jadeites; plastics such as pet, PP and PS

5. Physical evidence recording function: GPS - location information;

Photo forensics - image information;

Barcode scanning - barcode / QR code information

6. Operation interface: 3.5 inch touch screen

7. Open database: provide users with self expanding spectrum library function

8. Computer interface: Micro USB

9. Data output format: SPC file (standard spectrum file), PDF file

10. Network function: test results can be transmitted via Wi Fi; centralized supervision; system upgrade

11. Operation language: full Chinese operation interface, supporting Chinese and English double input method

12. Power supply: AC 100V ~ 240V 50Hz ~ 60Hz

13. Built in battery: rechargeable lithium battery (> 4h), replaceable battery

14. Size: 197mm × 96mm × 38mm

15. Host weight: 750g (including battery)

16. Working temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

17. Accurate detection: able to accurately give the specific name of the tested substance

18. And properties, and provide MSDS

19. Fast detection speed: 5 seconds to complete the detection

20. Strong detection ability: a huge chemical spectrum library with tens of thousands of species

21. Strong environmental adaptability: working temperature - 20 to 50 degrees

22. Taking photos and obtaining evidence: equipped with cameras to take photos and obtain evidence of the tested substances

23 positioning function: built in GPS module, which can accurately locate the place of use

24. Network function: can upgrade and transmit test results through Wi Fi products

Workmanship and materials:

By using Raman fingerprint analysis technology, unknown chemicals such as drugs, precursors, precursor chemicals, explosives, dangerous chemicals, jewels, jade and plastics can be quickly identified without contacting samples.

With small volume and light weight, it can be carried around with strong environmental adaptability and simple operation. It is suitable for daily inspection, on-site law enforcement and other operating environments.




Technical parameter:

1. Volume: 22.9 cm (H) x 10.2 cm (W) x 5.1 cm (d)

2. Weight: About 600g (excluding battery)

3. Standard lithium battery weight: 170g

4. Meet US military standard mil-std-461e (10 khz-18 GHz)

5. Meet US military standard mil-std-810e

6. Operating temperature: - 40 to + 55 ° C

7. Intake gas flow rate is about 1 L / min

8. Executive standard: our company issues product quality inspection certificate.

Product features:

1. Complete self-monitoring function

2. Easy to use menu interface

3. The increase and decrease of chemical reagent concentration can be clearly shown by column chart

4. The audio alarm system can be selectively activated

5. Multi language versions available; Chinese, English, German, French, Finnish, etc

Chemical gas storage:

(1) Cwa9.2.3: GA (tabun), GB (sarin), Gd (soman), GF (cyclohexyl methylfluorophosphonate), VX (viex), HD (mustard gas), l (Lewis gas), AC (hydrocyanic acid), CK (cyanogen chloride)

(2) Tic9.2.3: HCl, HF, HNO3, NH3, CS2, H2S, AC, CK, etox, AsH3, Cl2, PH3

(3) Precursor 9.2.3: dimethyl phosphonate, diethyl phosphite, methyl phosphonic dichloride, pinacolyl alcohol, thiodiglycol

(4) First responder 9.2.3: ethylene oxide, acrylonitrile, hydrogen sulfide, arsine, ammonia, phosphorus trichloride, carbon disulfide, allyl alcohol, hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride, G type Nerve, HD type blister, other chemicals

(5) Voc9.2.3: acetone (acetone), ethanol (ethanol), methanol (methanol), n-hexane (n-hexane), isopropanol (isopropanol), diethyl ether (ether), ethyl acetate (ethyl alcohol), methyl methacrylate (methylacrylic acid), acetic acid (acetic acid) (6), first responder9.2.3e: ethylene Oxide (ethylene oxide), acrylonitrile (acrylonitrile), hydrogen sulfide (hydrogen sulfide), arsine (hydrogen arsenide), ammonia (ammonia), phosphorus trichloride (phosphorus trichloride), carbon disulfide (carbon disulfide), allyl alcohol (propylene alcohol), hydrogen cyanide (hydrocyanic acid), cyanogen chloride (chloride), G type nerve (G-type nerve gas), HD type Blister (mustard erosive gas)

(7) H.t.c9.2.3: TDI (toluene diisocyanate), acetonitrile (acetonitrile), hydrogen chloride (hydrogen chloride), hydrogen fluoride (hydrogen fluoride), toxic (toxic gas), VOC (volatile organic compounds)

6. Industrial gas detection ability to detect nerve, erosive and blood agents: (optional)

(1) Highly toxic compound

(2) Flammable and explosive gas hand-held, portable, waist hanging type belt

7. Small size, high quality and durable

8. The multi-purpose tool can be used for both detection equipment and fixed monitoring probe

9. Applicable to all kinds of extreme environmental conditions (high temperature, high humidity, severe cold, sandstorm, etc.) environmental protection concept, no consumable design, low-cost operation, no storage fee

10. It can upgrade and update the gas storage to expand the application field, and is easy to operate

11. When the concentration of chemical gas is very high, it can work continuously without recoil. It can store 50 groups of gas reservoirs, 5-15 kinds of gas in each group

12. Monitoring, recording and alarming of unknown gas performance characteristics of chempro100 chemical detector password protection function

13. Display the type and concentration of chemical gas detected

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