Technical parameter:

Tweezers: 150 mm;

Probe: flat angle / right angle, 260mm;

Knife: 80mm blade, 250mm;

Scraper: 25mm blade width, 200mm;

Scissors: 225mm;

Handsaw: 500mm;

Saw blade: 300 mm for hand saw;

Wire brush: 295mm;

Screwdriver: slotted, 3mm blade width, 140mm;

Screwdriver: slotted, 6mm blade width, 200mm;

Screwdriver: slotted, 7mm blade width, 260mm;

Screwdriver: slotted, 9mm blade width, 310mm;

Screwdriver: slotted, 9mm blade width, 370mm;

Screwdriver: slotted, offset knife, 6mm blade width, 80mm;

Screwdriver: slotted, offset, 8mm blade width, 130mm;

Screwdriver: slotted, offset knife, 10 mm blade width, 195 mm;

Screwdriver: cross, 140mm;

Screwdriver: cross, 200mm;

Screwdriver: cross, 260mm;

Screwdriver: cross, 310mm;

Pliers: 155mm;

Pliers: 155mm;

Pliers: 155mm;

Pliers: 145mm;

Pliers: 145mm;

Pliers: 200mm;

American pipe tongs: 38mm max., 310mm;

Water pump pliers: 70mm max., 200mm;

Wrench: 18mm max., 150 mm;

Wrench: 24mm max., 200mm;

Hammer: 680g, 340mm;

Hammer: 1000g, 400mm;

Chisel: 14mm cutting edge, 160mm;

Chisel: 19mm cutting edge, 200mm;

Crowbar: 500mm;

Toolbox: Material: ABS waterproof box, specification: 511x430x200mm;

1. Executive standard: in accordance with GA / T 1155-2014 terminology of explosion relief in security inspection, provide the test report issued by the national explosion proof electrical product quality supervision and inspection center.

Workmanship and materials:

The 36 piece non-magnetic tool set is a necessary tool for explosive disposal personnel to disassemble suspected explosives. It is made of non-magnetic material copper beryllium alloy and repeatedly used without generating magnetism. Exquisite workmanship, strong and durable. In order to effectively prevent the combustibles explosion caused by the friction and impact between the tool and the working surface, the qualified rate of impact (impact), friction and drop hammer test of the product is 100%, which conforms to the national standard, and the outer packaging adopts the high-strength waterproof special toolbox.

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