Technical parameter

1. Working pressure of compressed air: 200bar.

2. The total weight of the product is less than 4kg, and the throwing mass is more than 1kg.

3、 Throw distance: 60 ~ 90m (when water is used, throw distance ≥ 60m; when land is used, throw distance ≥ 80 M.)

4. The floating appliance automatically inflates into a lifebuoy within 5 seconds after entering the water, generating a buoyancy of more than 8kg. The 24-hour buoyancy loss of lifebuoy is less than 5%, and the main accessories and materials meet the en396 standard.

5. Rope size: Φ 6mm × 100m, rope throwing tension: ≥ 2000N

6. Water rescue: suitable for riverside, lakeside, seaside and other rescue places, with an effective rescue distance of more than 60m.

7. Land use: suitable for rope throwing operation of fire department, water conservancy department, ship to ship, ship to shore and other occasions.

8. Executive standard: in accordance with GBT 27906-2011 life saving throwing device product technical standard requirements, provide the inspection report issued by the national fire equipment quality supervision and inspection center.

Structural features:

In the technical field of long-distance delivery projector, the product is advanced in technology and low in use cost. Compared with the gunpowder projector, it has no noise, open fire and safe transportation and storage. The product has perfect fast inflation, pressure display and safety protection system, which ensures the good air tightness, portable operation and operation reliability of the system. The thrower is designed according to the principle of hydrodynamics. The jet nozzle has advanced technology, long thrower distance and unique design. It can quickly separate relevant mechanisms under high pressure, ensuring the excellent performance of the whole system.

Workmanship and materials:

The product adopts the power of high pressure air and the principle of jet propulsion to realize long-distance ejection. It is a long-distance, convenient and fast life-saving equipment on water, with good mobility, low noise when launching, no flame, safe and reliable operation; it is made of high-quality materials such as high-pressure resistance and anti-corrosion, with long service life. It can also be used as a rope thrower on land. It can be reused with low cost.

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