Material: anti-riot Armor Outer Material made of high-strength coating fabric and special plastic, non-toxic, non-natural harm to the human body; High and

low temperature resistance (+ 55 °C/-20 °C, 4 H) , puncture resistance (20 joules) , impact resistance (120 joules) , impact energy absorption (100 joules) protection area: chest and

Crotch ≥0.1 m2; back ≥0.1 M2; Upper Limb ≥0.18 m 2; Lower Limb ≥0.30 m 2; Structural Connection Strength: & GT; 500N; Velcro Strength: & Gt; 7.0n/c m 2; Connection Strength: & Gt;

The front, back and Crotch of the 2000N anti-riot suit shall be pierced vertically with 20J kinetic energy by a standard test cutter prescribed by GA68. The tip shall not be penetrated.

The anti-riot Armor has superior material, light weight, and the total weight is not more than 8.5 kg. The forechest, the back, the thigh, the calf, the two arms and so on are provided

with the ventilation suspension system; Component: breastplate/elbow/gauntlet/back and Shoulder/thigh/shin and KNEEPAD (left and right) ankle/crotch/hip and (left and right)

implementation standard: Ga 420-2008 police riot gear

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