back magnetic direct charging and two-dimensional code, easy to charge, green light flashing when charging, green light is always bright after full. Anti-escape, anti-smash, anti-prying, dustproof and waterproof IP67.

The Outer Fa?ade has a waterproof trumpet hole. When the alarm red and blue lights flashing, explosive flashing, alarm sound up to 95 decibels.

The shell is made of Nylon material of national defense engineering.

The red light flashes when the voltage is low. SLEEP MODE: no connection when the phone is in power-saving sleep state, standby to work about 180 days for half a year.

Anti-escape handcuffs software device chip connected to the mobile phone, mobile phone control on, off, adjustable near, medium and far (5-20 meters) , the prisoners to leave the police set range, anti-escape handcuffs device high-decibel alarm and flashing lights, at the same time police mobile phone voice alarm "catch fugitives. ". There's a qr code scan on the back that connects to the phone, and a cop can handle four inmates at once. The prisoner can not escape.

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