screw-type metal anklet with key open to each other. The outer surface of the metal anklet is smooth, without edges, corners and burrs, and the connecting parts are smooth.

Uniform paint film, no foaming and peeling and other phenomena. The left and right fetters of the metal anklets are of the same shape without obvious bending.

Weight: 2.16 kg;

screw type: H: 85 mm, B: 90 mm

flexibility: The key can be inserted into the lock core of the metal fetters naturally, insert and pull smoothly, open and lock flexibly, all connecting parts rotate flexibly.

The locking fastener of the metal fetters shall be opened with a special tool. The paint film adhesion of the painted parts shall not be lower than grade 4, and the working time of anti-drawing shall not be lower than 2 minutes, 2500N Longitudinal Static tensile force and 2500N transverse static tensile force were applied respectively, and kept for 30S, during which the metal fetters were not opened, and there was no permanent deformation or crack after the test. Durability: The metal fetters work no less than 3000 cycles.

Corrosion Resistance: METAL FETTERS CORROSION RESISTANCE GRADE: 7(Spray Cycle 8H) implementation standard: GA/T237-2005 metal fetters

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