Sound Wave Dispelling Shield (model: SGFBP-BL-RD) is an intelligent active defense shield which can disperse the gathering crowd under the condition of non-contact and non-killing.

The Shield is effective in protecting against attacks by crowds, and can actively emit strong noise, making it difficult for people to stay in front of the shield without protection, or in the event of an unlawful assembly or riot in front of a crowd, etc.

for Law enforcement personnel to provide an invisible wall of high-energy sound protection, more effective control and disperse illegal crowd.

MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy Size: 900 * 500(mm) weight: 3.0 kg sound pressure level: 155 DB AT 1 m area: 0.45 M2 BUILT-IN POWER SUPPLY: DC12V4000mA Lithium Battery


1. Attack and defense in one, combined with the ability of sound wave dispelling device and the defense ability of the shield;

2. Human-shaped law enforcement, non-contact, non-lethal form of active dispersion or warning assembly crowd, to avoid intensification of conflict;

3. Ultra-high sound intensity, single shield can effectively disperse 0-50 meters within the target, the maximum warning range up to 200 meters;

4. Sound wall effect, multi-shield combination of use, forming an invisible defense wall effect, scattering effect is more obvious

5. Persuade alert, integrated call function and preset alert audio playback function.

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