uses high-strength intercepting net and energy absorbing device to quickly set up a vehicle blocking barrier, enabling the suspect vehicle to stop within a predictable distance,

thus achieving accurate blocking and control, targeted attack. To prevent and stop the use of motor vehicles for illegal and criminal activities, to capture suspected motor vehicles,

to capture suspects, and to minimize unnecessary casualties, not only can it effectively improve the tactical ability of the armed police to deal with emergencies and block and control suspected motor vehicles,

and for the border inspection, customs, entry and exit, checkpoints, checkpoints and other units involved in the actual work of such problems to provide a better solution.

This system is from the need of actual combat, in the case of not affecting the normal traffic, targeted to suspicious vehicles to implement rapid interception device. In the case of no damage to the vehicle and no harm to the driver, the flexible interception device can effectively intercept the vehicle, which is a more reasonable and humane vehicle interception system.

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