1, processor: Quad Core 1.5 g or above;

2, operating system: Android 8.0 or above;

3, Gnss Performance: BDS B1, GPS l 1c/a;

4, display: 3.5 inches, large retina screen, Resolution 320480;

5, touch screen: Support True 5 touch, surface water can be operated, wear gloves can be operated;

6, Network Type: All Netcom, Support Mobile, telecom, Unicom three major carriers 2g/3g/4g network standard, gSM/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE/FDD-LTE/CD-MA2000 Network Standard;

7, Storage: 16GB, expandable;

8, battery: 2700mAh,

9, dustproof, waterproof: IP68;

10, Camera: Three Camera Design, main camera: 400W Pixel, Visual Angle ≥120, sub Camera: 1300W Pixel Auto Focus; Third Camera: 200W Pixel, fixed focus; in addition, the host supports Pogo Pin connected USB CAM.

11 sensors: Light Sensor, Distance Sensor, 3d accelerometer, geomagnetic sensor;

12, bottom expansion interface: 5Pin, USB 2.0 or above, support through the expansion interface connection of the USB CAM;

13, POP FLASH LAMP: support red and blue pop flash lamp, used for night law enforcement reminder, night visible distance more than 10 meters;

14, the whole machine product uses the light and thin design, the thickness is about 17 mm (battery cover part) , the whole machine weight (Thin Electricity)114 g; the whole machine weight of thick electricity ≤195 G;

15, uses the Double Horn design, single Speaker output ≥1.2 W;

16, Wifi: Support 2.4 G/5ghz dual-band Wifi, wifdis play function;

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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