1, Color: black;

2, Size: 93 * 58 * 29.5(cm)

3, weight: 136G

4, enclosure protection level: IP68

5, function: Night Vision Function, day and night mode, laser positioning, one-key video recording function, one-key recording function, continuous shooting function, video playback function, the video and audio data stored by the law enforcement recorder can be exported to the host computer through the data line. The system management software has the following main functions: Classification Management and authorization authentication; the system sets the basic parameters such as time, Password and classification; UPLOADING, deleting and searching the files recorded in the law enforcement recorder; storing and retrieving the files according to the law enforcement recorder number, police information and time.

6. Display brightness: 2.0 inch 16:9 tft LCD HD display. Maximum brightness should be greater than or equal to 1200 CD/M. Display screen diagonal size: 5.45 cm

7, contrast: Contrast: ≥4000:1.

8, field of view: greater than or equal to 130 degrees

9, Free Fall: Naked machine fall height of 3600 mm, cement ground, any 4 face each fall once, after the test should be able to work normally, the data stored should not be lost.

10. MEMORY: 32 GB.

11, the interface: with USB2.0 interface and HDMI interface. With External Camera Interface (optional) , data interface can be extended GPS, 3G, 4g graphics transmission (wireless transmission function)(optional) , AVout (high-definition output function) , interphone connection function (optional) . Test Standard: "Ga/t 947-2011 single police law enforcement video and audio recorder" provides the test report issued by the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Special Police Equipment of the Ministry of Public Security in 2014.

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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