Police equipment company tells you the procedures for selling security equipment


Security equipment is a type of police equipment. Before that, many people consulted and said that I wanted to cooperate with us, how to sell security equipment, and what procedures need to be done. Today, Anhua police equipment as a police equipment company Let me explain for you:

The implementation of the permit system and quality for the production, sale of security technology prevention products such as alarms, anti-robbery, anti-riot, security explosion-proof, safety inspection, security TV monitoring and various types of security defense equipment, as well as the design, construction and maintenance of security technology prevention projects The supervision system is under the centralized management of the public security organs.

All units that produce and sell safety technology prevention products or undertake the design, construction, and maintenance of safety technology prevention projects should apply to the local municipal public security bureau, report to the provincial public security department for a permit, and hold local industrial and commercial administration. The department's business license is required to engage in the above business.

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