Technical parameters:

1、 Hardware:

1, system

Operating system: Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system

*CPU: main frequency ≥ 833mhz

RAM:≥ 256MB

*Memory: ≥ 4GB

2. GNSS performance

*Satellite receiving: support GPS, Beidou, GLONASS three systems satellite receiving, and support single Beidou system positioning

*Number of channels: ≥ 300 channels

Receiving antenna: built in

*Positioning accuracy: RTK accuracy level 1cm + 1ppm elevation 2cm + 1ppm


Single point positioning accuracy: 1.2m

*The receiver can be directly used as a reference station to provide differential signal source for the same model or the same type of products

3, display

Screen size: 3.7-inch high brightness touch screen, which can be clearly displayed in the sun

Resolution: 640 × 480

4. Data storage and communication

Data interface: Mini USB interface, supporting charging and data transmission

Communication: support Bluetooth, WiFi, GPRS and wcdma3g communication

*USB OTG: it supports USB OTG function and can directly use USB disk for data transmission

Storage expansion: the device has SD card expansion, and the maximum support is not less than 32g

5. Power characteristics

*Power supply: battery capacity ≥ 37wh, adopting detachable design, the battery has its own power capacity detection function, and can directly charge the battery without the host

*Service time: single battery ≥ 14 hours

*The device supports the hot plug of the battery, and the battery can be replaced without shutting down the host

6. Environmental indicators

Working temperature: - 20 ℃ - + 60 ℃;

Storage temperature: - 30 ℃ - + 70 ℃;

Dust proof and waterproof: IP66;

Anti falling: 1.5m natural falling to the ground;

7. Extended functions

Camera: 5 million pixels, auto focus

Audio: built in microphone

2、 Acquisition software

The equipment shall provide supporting GIS data acquisition software free of charge, which shall have the following functions:

*1. The software shall have three functional modules of engineering survey, electric power survey and GIS data acquisition, and the three functional modules are the same software;

*2. The software has perfect coordinate system management function, which can directly calculate the conversion parameters in the field, support coordinate system file management and encryption, and can automatically generate coordinate conversion reports;

3. Support custom attribute library;

*4. Support the import of satellite image, vector image and other data;




Technical indicators:

GPS characteristics:

Channel: 48 parallel channels (L1, C / a)

Positioning accuracy: single machine positioning 3-5 meters, real-time difference 1-3 meters (SBAS)

Positioning time: hot start < 2S cold start < 35S

Update rate: 1Hz

Antenna: omnidirectional high sensitivity GPS antenna

Navigation features:

Waypoints: 3000

Route / waypoint: 60 / 100

Track: 50 (5000 points / track)

Functional features:

Storage expansion: Micro SD card support

Interface: USB 2.0

Coordinate system: WGS84, Beijing 54, Xi'an 80, CGCS2000 and custom coordinate system

Area measurement: real-time recording mode, route mode, track saving mode

Sensor: three axis electronic compass, barometer, G-sensor, thermometer

Transmission protocol: NMEA0183

Physical properties:

Size: 115x22x57 (mm)

Shell material: industrial grade material

Working temperature: - 20 ℃ - + 60 ℃

Drop: 1.5m (cement floor)

Screen features:

Type: Industrial TFT LCD

Size: 2.2

Resolution: 240x320 QVGA

Color: 260000 colors, color screen

Weight: 100g (excluding lithium battery)

Waterproof grade: IP67

Storage temperature: - 30 ℃ - + 70 ℃

Power characteristics:

Power type: special lithium battery service time: 20 hours external power supply: USB, vehicle power supply

Standard configuration:

Mainframe, data cable, software CD, manual, quick operation manual, quality certificate, warranty card, lanyard, packing box,

Special lithium battery, battery charger, micro SD card

Optional accessories:

Portable soft bag, vehicle power plug, vehicle bracket, inductive GPS antenna

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