Product category: car platform frequency range: 403-470mhz product power: 1-25w power supply: current loss standby: 0.81 a (maximum)... Product size: 53.3 * 175.3 * 205.7mm product weight: 1800g other functions: front loud speaker and intelligent audio power

Product category: vehicle mounted platform

Frequency range: 403-470mhz

Product power: 1-25w

Functional characteristics

Power supply: current loss

Standby: 0.81 a (maximum)

Receive at rated Audio: 2A (max)

Launch: 1-25w, 11.0a (maximum)

Power supply: 13.8V

Appearance parameter

Product size: 53.3 * 175.3 * 205.7mm error correction

Product weight: 1800g

Other functions: front large volume speaker and intelligent audio function, which can automatically adjust the volume of the walkie talkie according to the ambient noise level

Provide 1000 channel capacity, easy to use large volume knob and four programmable buttons (optional as emergency button)

Use integrated GPS to locate mobile work teams

Connect the walkie talkie to a Bluetooth enabled data device to share information in real time

Various applications can be customized according to the actual situation, such as location tracking, work order management, Bluetooth data, email gateway, scheduling, telephone and playback alarm

When wireless communication is needed without disturbing staff or guests, update message can be sent to team members through SMS function

Connect with wireless accessories, such as Motorola's key work wireless headset for stable and reliable communication

A single station digital relay system that can maximize the capacity of mototrbo system. With this system, you can enable more than 1000 users to rely on a single site for high-density IP site connect digital solutions without adding new frequencies, and extend the voice and data functions of mototrbo through the Internet

The orange P4 button is optionally programmed to send an alarm to the supervisor or dispatcher in case of an emergency

Users can interrupt another radio call to accurately transmit critical communications when necessary

Built in encryption for enhanced security

FCC specification: 1-25w: abz99ft4087

IC specification: 1-25w: 109ab-99ft4087

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