The real-time image transmission system integrates encoder, modulator, power amplifier and antenna. It converts the image collected by camera into wireless signal in real time and transmits it back to the receiver. The returned signal will be received through the supporting mobile receiver and can be played through multiple media such as TV or LCD screen.

1. Operating system: Embedded Linux operating system

2. Video and audio input and output:

2.1 video compression standard: H.264

2.2 digital video input: 2 channels, front HD night vision camera (1080p), rear HD night vision camera (720p)

2.3 audio compression standard: g711 / ADPCM

2.4 audio input: 2 channels, high sensitivity mic, Bluetooth sports headset

3. Coding compression

3.1 video coding resolution: 1080p, 720p, VGA, QVGA

3.2 video frame rate: 1080p @ 30fps / 720p @ 30fps / VGA @ 30fps / QVGA @ 30fps

3.3 video bit rate: 128kbps ~ 8mbps can be set

4. Positioning function: built in high sensitivity GPS / BeiDou dual-mode

5. Storage: Type: tfcard (above Class8), maximum capacity: 128G

6. Wireless connection

6.1. 3G / 4G network: TDD / fdd-lte, TD-SCDMA, EVDO, WCDMA

6.2. WiFi network: support 802.11b/n/g protocol, 2.4GHz

6.3 WiFi encryption: (WPA, WPA2, WEP encryption protocol)

6.4 network interface: Mini USB interface

7. LED indicator: high brightness LED

8. Working temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

9. Working humidity: 10% - 90%

10. External power supply: 5V / 2A

11. Battery: 3.7v/5000mah

12. Continuous working time: > 3 hours

13. Protection grade: IP67

14. Host size: 120 * 53 * 43mm

15. Main engine weight: 300g

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Copyright©2023 Jiangsu Redon Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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