The identity authentication intelligent terminal is a kind of equipment which can complete the police enforcement work by connecting mobile phone, PDA and other mobile intelligent terminals with wireless network to access the police information of the public security intranet

1. The intelligent terminal of identity authentication has a touch LCD and a USB interface, which can recognize and read the information of the second generation of resident identity card chip. Powered by built-in dc3.7v lithium battery

2. There is RS-232C interface or USB interface for normal communication with the computer.

3. Reading distance: 1-2 1:0-3.cm 2:0-3.cm

4. Maximum radiation magnetic field intensity: 1-2 1:1.95v 2:1.90v

5. Minimum radiated magnetic field intensity: 1-2 1:3.03v 2:3.05v

6. Modulation coefficient: 1-2 1:14.0% 2:13.8%

7. Pulse rising edge: 1-2 1:1.2 μ s 2:1.2 μ s

8. Pulse falling edge: 1-2 1:1.2 μ s 2:1.2 μ s

9. Working frequency: 1-2 1:13.56mhz 2:13.56mhz

10. Impact: according to the requirements of Table 3 of ga450-2013, the peak acceleration is 150m / S2, the duration is 11ms, the impact times are 200, the half sine wave is in non working state, and the appearance is good and can work normally.

11. Executive standard: executive standard: GA 450-2013 general technical requirements for desktop ID reader

★ provide the inspection report issued by the national security alarm system product quality supervision and inspection center, the Ministry of public security case and the quality inspection center of police electronic products

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