Technical parameters:

One host of visual intercom platform: nlv-99d2 adopts 22 Inch Touch Dual screen display, which is installed in the command center of Prison Administration Bureau and the prison command center to realize hierarchical alarm management, resource integration and unified scheduling for the differentiated control center, warehouse terminal, public area, etc.

Function introduction:

Dual screen display: the left screen is for command and dispatching, the right screen is for video monitoring, and the dual screen operation does not affect each other.

Multi level management: it supports multi-level management function. The alarm information of the first level platform can be uploaded to the superior platform, and the superior platform can command and dispatch uniformly.

Duplex intercom: it can realize two-way visual intercom with alarm column, alarm box and other extensions.

HD Video: full screen display of HD video.

Call transfer: transfer the call from the extension to any host in the system.

Call hold: after the call is held, you can choose to call other incoming extensions.

Alarm linkage: after the platform host receives the alarm from the alarm box (column), the associated multi-channel monitoring camera image will pop up automatically on the right screen, and can receive the alarm immediately for visual intercom

Key to start multiple linkage events.

Emergency plan: it supports the formulation and management of 30 emergency plans with different contents, and can be started and implemented with one key.

Command and dispatching: support the integration of various communication dispatching terminals, including mobile phone client, alarm box (column), intercom publishing integrated machine, network power amplifier, cluster intercom system, SIP power

Telephone, program-controlled (mobile) telephone, etc.

Video conference: the platform host supports the video conference function, and the participants include the warehouse supervision terminal, alarm box (column), SIP Phone, video intercom host, and other platforms in the system


Video monitoring: support multi-channel real-time monitoring and video playback.

Emergency broadcast: it supports the emergency broadcast function, which can be broadcast in the whole area, in different areas and at fixed time. The broadcast mode supports call broadcast, file broadcast and external audio source broadcast.

Information publishing: it supports the information publishing function, which can be published in whole region, partition and timing. The publishing type supports text publishing, picture publishing and multimedia file publishing.

Trunking intercom: it supports intercom with trunking intercom system and digital and analog intercom.

SIP Phone: support calling SIP Phone, and realize visual intercom and video conference with SIP Phone.

Emergency call: support calling program-controlled telephone or mobile phone to realize intercom.

IPC binding function: IPC can be bound to enable the host to view the IPC panorama and extension camera simultaneously.

Recording and recording: support the recording and recording function of the machine, and automatically upload the recorded files to the server for saving.

Online detection: it can detect the online status of the extension in real time, which is convenient for debugging, overhaul and maintenance.

Remote upgrade: support remote access to devices and upgrade the system through web pages. "

Mobile client: "it is used by leaders and mobile co defense personnel. The software is installed on the mobile phone. It is compatible with Android system and IOS system.

Video monitoring: the real-time image and video playback of the monitoring camera can be viewed.

One button alarm: when viewing the monitoring screen, the alarm can be remotely called to frighten and one button alarm.

Visual intercom: in case of emergency, one button alarm can be sent to the platform host through the platform client to realize two-way visual intercom.

Alarm location: it has the function of alarm location, and the platform host can locate the location of the alarm person.

Video conference: support video conference, organize and participate in the conference.

Remote call: it supports remote call broadcasting, and can call the terminal remotely.

Information publishing: support information publishing, edit the published content and publish the terminal online.

Receiving information: the message pushed by the platform can be received in real time.

System compatibility: mobile phones compatible with Android system and IOS system. "

One IP network video intercom host: nlv-15, capable of managing 15 extensions. ·It adopts 10.2-inch digital true color display, capacitive touch screen, 1080p HD camera.

·It has the functions of visual intercom, his docking, host hosting, status prompt, call upload, broadcast broadcast, time interval upload, shutdown transfer, waiting for processing, ward door unlocking, VOIP phone access, patient list, IPC binding, synchronous display, voice broadcast, nursing level, volume adjustment, online detection, interface diversity, audio and video recording, etc.


1 IP network paging host: nlv-99q adopts 7-inch digital true color display screen, capacitive touch screen, 1080p high-definition video. It is usually placed on the desk of the leadership office. It can be used as a high-level paging management host.

Function introduction:

Duplex intercom: it can be used for paging extension or host duplex visual intercom. There are handsfree and talk keys for intercom.

Call query: the call in and call out records can be queried for repeated calls.

IPC binding: the IPC can be bound to enable the host to view the IPC panorama and extension camera simultaneously.

Monitor and interpose: monitor and interpose the primary host and extension in the call.

Broadcast calling: it can call all the primary hosts and extensions in the whole area; it has the function of fire fighting broadcasting.

Shut down transfer: when the host is shut down or not connected, the call from the extension can be transferred to other hosts.

VOIP phone access: it supports standard SIP communication protocol and can talk with VOIP phone in two-way.

Alarm linkage: when the extension alarms, it is linked with other platforms through TCP connection. For example: turn on the monitoring camera.

Data confidentiality: encrypt the data in transmission to prevent others from eavesdropping and making the call safer.

Other functions: monitor, monitor and unlock.

Various interfaces: recording output port, headset interface, 485 interface, HDMI interface, etc.

Self power supply: one attached switch power supply (dc14v / 800mA) and one network cable. "

1 IP network all gold

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